• IRS Early Interaction Initiative in Fairfax, VA

    IRS Early Interaction Initiative

    The IRS has launched its “Early Interaction Initiative,” to quickly identify and intervene with employers that miss a scheduled federal tax deposit. The point of the program is to flag the employer immediately when a deposit is missed, rather than continue to work such cases as the IRS has done for many years — by […]

  • Federal Taxes Law for Passport in Fairfax, VA

    Owe Federal Taxes, Lose Your Passport

    Congress has passed, and President Obama has signed, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) . Title 32 of the bill includes several tax provisions , including Section 32101, which permits the IRS to seek the denial or revocation of a citizen’s passport when that person owes a “seriously delinquent tax debt.” The FAST […]

  • IRS CID releases 2015 annual Report in Fairfax, VA

    IRS Criminal Investigation Division Releases 2015 Annual Report

    The IRS Criminal Investigation Division (“CID”) has released its 2015 annual report, which includes information on the number of investigations, prosecutions, targets incarcerated, the impact of budget changes, and areas of focus in the coming year. You can read the entire report here . The report is 47 pages and contains a great deal of […]

  • Automated Substitute Suspended for Return Activity in Fairfax, VA

    Things You Can Do Immediately When Your Business Owes Employment Taxes

    When Your Business Owes Employment Taxes – What To Do Immediately You’ve been running a business for many years. It is your family’s sole source of income. The business has always made enough money to pay its creditors, its taxes, and to support you and the workers. But for whatever reason, it has fallen behind […]