Experienced Fairfax Tax Attorneys

Since 1981, our Fairfax, VA tax lawyers at Haynes Tax Law have handled a variety of cases, requiring extensive knowledge in numerous areas of tax law. From discharging taxes from bankruptcy to representing nonfilers and businesses, our tax attorneys provides expert legal representation to maximize your chances of resolving your tax problems. We serve clients in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and nationwide.

Haynes Tax Law Practice Areas

  • Unfiled returns: Haven’t filed your tax returns? You may be exposed to civil action or even criminal charges.
  • Discharging taxes in bankruptcy: Contrary to popular opinion, a properly timed and structured bankruptcy can provide a much-needed fresh start, even for people with seemingly-insurmountable tax debts.
  • IRS criminal investigations: Know the warning signs that an IRS criminal investigation has started before it is too late.
  • Offers in Compromise: Offers in Compromise may allow you to resolve your IRS debts for an amount substantially less than you owe.
  • Installment agreement: Installment agreements provide a vehicle to your tax liability in smaller, more manageable amounts.
  • Innocent spouse issues: From joint returns to joint liability, we can determine if you are entitled to a form of innocent spouse relief.
  • Injured spouse claims: Did the IRS take your tax refund and apply it to your spouse’s unpaid taxes? We can help.
  • Statute of limitations: We can calculate the statute of limitations expiration date and see if it will resolve your tax problems.
  • Removing tax liens: If you owe taxes and have been notified of a lien filed, we may be able to help.
  • Contesting IRS levies: We can usually secure a temporary freeze on levies as we take time to determine the best course of action in your case.
  • Tax audit representation: Having effective representation during an IRS audit is often a crucial factor in achieving a satisfying outcome.
  • Collection Due Process (CDP) hearings: We can often use CDP hearings to effectively resolve tax issues that you are facing.
  • Administrative appeals: Our firm is able to represent you during IRS appeals proceedings if you disagree with your tax audit results.
  • Tax court and refund litigation: Our attorney team has been admitted to practice before the Tax Court.
  • Abatement of penalties: We can often help to have IRS penalties abated.
  • Trust fund recovery penalty: If you are potentially responsible for your company’s unpaid employment taxes, we can help.

Don’t see your tax problem listed? Call our tax lawyers to see if we can help. Call our Virginia tax law firm at (703) 913-7500 to discuss your tax problems or schedule a consultation.

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  • Our experience. We have represented hundreds of clients since 1981.
  • We're local, in Northern Virginia and licensed in MD, VA and DC.
  • B.J. Haynes' unique background as IRS Special Agent.